RElease Date info

bourbon bottle.jpg

We will be releasing four editions in November 2019:

Wheeler’s Raid Limited Edition “High Road” - This will be an expertly batched blend of 3 sourced bourbons (all 3 from different distillers). We will put a French Oak wine barrel finish on this. We expect this to come in at around 108 to 110 Proof. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. We will not make this exact Bourbon - ever again. The finish will steal your heart and the front of pallet will tease you like the best of them.

Wheeler’s Raid Master’s Select - Cask Strength - We will hand pick 8 barrels of 5 year old plus bourbon, blend it and then bottle it at cask strength. We expect this to come in between 118 and 122 proof. This will be little on the spicier side with some black cherry, vanilla and hints of caramel. It’s creamy and has a superb finish.

Wheeler’s Raid Straight Bourbon - This will be blended bourbons between 3 and 4 years old and we will proof this between 90-94. This bourbon is going to have a great start and finish and will likely have accented caramel and butterscotch notes.

Wheeler’s Raid Small Batch Rye - This will be our first Rye release and it will be a hand selected set of barrels. We are going to proof this down a hair to about 105. It’s a high rye mash bill that is unbelievably tasty. The mouth feel is amazing and the full pallet experience will captivate you.

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