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There are dreamers…

Wheeler’s Raid Distillery is not just another distillery. It’s a real-life dream come true. After moving to Tennessee, the founder of Wheeler’s Raid fell in love with the art of distilling craft bourbon. In early 2016, he decided to take his passion for the craft to the next level. With the courage to move forward, the quest for inspiration began.

That quest led him to the site of Wheeler’s Raid, a well-known Civil War battle that made it’s way through Nolensville. During this battle, General Joseph Wheeler led his troops to intercept a wagon wheel supply line cutting through Nolensville, TN at approximately 34 degrees north. While raiding the wagon wheel supply line, soldiers learned that several of the wagons were stocked with whiskey!

The name Wheeler’s Raid Distillery was chosen to pay homage to the town of Nolensville and the historic landmark that lies a stones throw from our distillery grounds. For us, it’s not about choosing sides it is about recognizing that Nolensville, TN is rich with history and demonstrating our pride for the place we both call home for our families and our bourbon!

We are excited to be Nolensville’s first and only distillery and to enjoy this adventure with all of our neighbors. Come out and enjoy a glass of some great bourbon!

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